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Traumasektionen NU-Sjukvården/Trollhättan och Traveko vill tacka alla deltagare och sponsorer som deltog i SSAS DIGI/SSAS årsmöte 2021, som för första gången genomfördes helt digitalt under två dagar i april 2021.

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Highlights från programmet

22 april kl. 09.20-10.05 KEYNOTE Elbow Instability Revisited
22 april kl. 10.30-11.00 - Elbow Instability - teamwork
22 april kl. 11.05-11.35 Meet and Discuss (MaD) session with Jill Thomas (UK)

Adam C. Watts MBBS, BSc, FRCS Ed. (Tr and Ortho)
Consultant Elbow and Upper Limb Surgeon, Wrightington Hospital
Visiting Professor, University of Manchester  Läs mer om talaren här >>
  • Elbow instability revisited
    The elbow is the second most commonly dislocated joint with a spectrum of injury from non-osseous (simple) dislocation to complex fracture dislocations.  Our understanding of functional anatomy, pathology of injury and treatment is evolving. Our current thinking on elbow instability and trauma will be reviewed.
  • Elbow instability teamwork
    Successful management of elbow trauma requires good communication and co-ordination between surgeon and therapist.  We will present the management principles that guide our practice illustrated by cases, with practical tips and guidance to achieve successful outcomes.
23 april kl. 09.35-10.20 KEYNOTE Decision making in Anterior Shoulder Instability
23 april kl. 10.25-10.55 - Shoulder instability teamwork - with Tom Verhoeven
23 april kl. 11.00-11.30 Meet & discuss session

Prof. Olivier Verborgt is a shoulder surgeon and head of the Orthopedic Center Antwerp (Orthoca) in AZ Monica in Antwerp. Läs mer om talaren här >>
  • Decision making in Anterior Shoulder Instability
    Shoulder instability is a common problem with a significant impact on patients' daily functioning and sports life. Recurrent shoulder joint dislocations are most common in young people and active athletes. In certain cases, conservative treatment with intensive exercise therapy may be sufficient. When surgery is indicated, this can be done by anatomical restoration of the labrum and the capsulo-labral complex. However, studies have shown that certain factors such as young age, male gender, participation in contact sports, and bony humeral or glenoid lesions significantly increase the risk of recurrence after these procedures. An alternative is a bone block procedures, using the coracoid and conjoined sling or iliac crest graft. Recurrence rates are significantly lower but can be associated with a greater risk of complications. The correct assessment, surgical technique and postoperative rehabilitation are therefore of crucial importance. This lecture will elaborate on all these aspects of tackling the unstable shoulder.

23 april kl. 12.35-13.05 KEYNOTE Rehabilitation on Anterior Shoulder Instability : looking further then the shoulder itself
23 april kl. 10.25-10.55 - Shoulder instability teamwork - with Prof. Olivier Verborgt
23 april kl. 11.00-11.30 Meet & discuss session

Tom Verhoeven is a Sports Physical Therapist who after his studies of physical therapy specialized in Sports Physical Therapy at the University of Gent and at EXOS, former know as Athletes Performance in 1996-1997. Läs mer om talaren här >>
  • Rehabilitation on Anterior Shoulder Instability : looking further then the shoulder itself
    The kinetic chain approach to rehabilitation represents the advancement of the “whole extremity” or “total arm strength” treatment philosophy that has developed over the past decade to an advanced understanding and interpretation of biomechanical research and the kinetic chain. It can no longer be thought acceptable to simply strengthen an isolated segment of the body during rehabilitation without considering the adjoining segments and ultimately the entire body through its kinetic chain during rehabilitation.

22 april kl. 10.30-11.00 - Elbow Instability - teamwork
22 april kl. 11.05-11.35 Meet and Discuss (MaD) session with Prof. Adam Watts (UK)
23 april kl. 13.10-13.40 Rehab in Elbow Instability

Jill Thomas BSc(HONS) Physiotherapy, PGCert Inj Ther, MCSP
Specialist Elbow and Shoulder Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner Läs mer om talaren här >>
22 april kl. 13.00-13.30
Presented by Arthrex
  • Shoulder - The Cutting Edge of Rotator Cuff Repair- Augmentation
    Matt Ravenscroft (UK) and Alan M Hirahara (US)
22 april kl. 13.35-14.05
Presented by LINK/Lima Corporate
  • Erfarenheter av SMR Hybrid Glenoid
    Fredrik Isaksson, Capio Movement. Läs mer om talaren här >>
  • Aspects on stability of the RSA
    Carl Ekholm, Senior consultant, Associate professor, Dept Orthopaedics at Sahlgrens’ University Hospital, Sweden, Head of upper limb trauma and arthroplasty. Läs mer om talaren här >>
23 april kl. 12.00-12.30
Presented by CONMED
  • Tips & Tricks in the arthroscopic shoulder instability
    Prof. Alex Castagna


Du som deltagare kommer att kunna ta del av ett minst lika intressant program som om det vore ett fysiskt möte! En mix av förinspelat material och livesessioner utlovas. Huvudtalare är Prof. Adam Watts, Wrightington, UK och Prof. Olivier Verborgt, Antwerpen, BE.

Dessutom kommer materialet som är inspelat finnas tillgängligt även efter mötet för de deltagare som inte hunnit ta del av allt. 


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